Mission & Ministry Trips

CUBIT takes mission trips and ministry trips around the globe to help people in a verity of ways. Dr. Ron and Brad Charles travel the world to places where needs are greatest; both spiritually and physically.

Misson Trips

CUBIT’s efforts include the construction of community or village structures (schools, churches, medical clinics, feeding houses, etc). CUBIT provides humanitarian aid throughout the world. Natural disasters, such as earthquakes and tsunamis can devastate entire communities. That is why we make it a goal to be there to help distribute water, food, clothing, and provide education and shelter for those in need. Consider donating to this fund to help us help others when disaster strikes.

Brad, the son of Dr. Ron and Paula Charles, is the main leader for all of CUBIT’s numerous construction projects. Involved in construction since he could swing a hammer, Brad’s desire is to provide shelter for those who have none. Through his work primarily in Central and South America, he has learned Spanish, developed a network of friendships and helped many throughout the region. Numerous structures in countries such as Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, and Ecuador testify to his passion for helping others with his construction skills.

CUBIT & Big Heart Orphanage

Cubit Foundation partners with Big Heart Orphanage in Mexico. Cubit’s President Brad Charles explains some of the things going on in Mexico right now.

Resilience: Cubit in Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria devastated the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, and the Cubit Foundation has joined in to help out some of those most affected. A special Thank You to Brandon Wattenbarger for the video.

Egypt 2020 Ministry Trip

CUBIT hosted a ministry trip to Egypt in January of 2020. The group of 28 was the first in over 1,000 years to openly minister, under Egyptian governmental protection, to the Coptic Christian Churches in Egypt. Enjoy some of the photos from the trip below, or view all photos on our photos page.

If You Can’t Go With Us, Go Through Us!