CUBIT’s Mission

CUBIT goes all around the world to serve in countries in order to help those in need. Those needs range from the physical to the spiritual. Many people in the countries we visit are persecuted for being Christian. It is our mission to spread the love of Christ by serving those in need. We believe that once physical needs are met, then spiritual needs are more easily provided for.

Mission Statement

To Love Unconditionally.

With the perspective that “love is meeting people at their point of need, regardless of what that need may be,” (David Livingston), the CUBIT Foundation seeks to love unconditionally.

Our Purpose

1 Samuel 2:30

Following the principle established by God in 1 Samuel 2:30, “them that honor me, I will honor,” CUBIT’s purpose is to honor the Creator through education and the practical application of compassion.

Our Values

True Religion

To provide the highest level of educational truth. To fulfill the principle of true religion as stated in James 1:27, and to meet practical needs as illustrated in Deuteronomy 10:18. To provide life-changing quality educational tours that impact the destiny of each participant. To raise awareness of the plight of the world’s oppressed, poverty-stricken and persecuted.

CUBIT’s History

In 1990, Dr. Ron Charles started the CUBIT Foundation as an international archeological research and educational foundation. However, the tremendous needs of the impoverished and the difficult conditions of the oppressed in some countries where he conducted research investigations led Dr. Charles to expand CUBIT’s efforts to meet the practical needs of the Third World’s impoverished. 

Thus in 2003, Dr. Ron and his wife Paula reorganized the CUBIT Foundation into an educational humanitarian foundation that includes educational training, meeting the practical needs of the oppressed, and conducting tours in order to allow supporters and those of similar concern to delve into the local cultures and experience firsthand how CUBIT is best able to serve the people.

Our Staff

Meeting Needs, Changing Lives. Our Staff is Dedicated to Help People World-wide. Check Out the Amazing People Who Make it All Happen.

Dr. Ron Charles
Dr. Ron CharlesCEO & Founder
Brad Charles
Brad CharlesPresident
Leanne Charles
Leanne CharlesTreasurer
Paula Charles
Paula CharlesSecretary
Valerie Deutsch
Valerie DeutschBookkeeper


Front Row (Left to Right): Brad CharlesPresident, Dr. Ron CharlesFounder & CEO, Paula CharlesTreasurer (Not Pictured – LeAnne Charles – Secretary)

Back Row (Left to Right): Kenny Thompson, Ron Teal, Brant Fricker, Kyle Hooper, Kevin Deutsch, Vallerie DeutschBookkeeper.

If You Can’t Go With Us, Go Through Us!