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In June, 2024, our grandsons Cidney and Cyrus will be going to Egypt with Ron to help at the God’s Widows’ Farm. 


I just returned from a 17-day trip to Colombia. We traveled from the crowded metropolis of Bogota to the jungles surrounding Manizales, and from the plains of hot and humid Cali to the frigid mountains of Medellin. The people welcomed us with open arms and the services were packed, and God showed up.    

It is the time of year that we are all happy the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming & trees are budding again.    I don’t think it is any coincidence that Jesus rose from the dead to show us His love and a new beginning in Him at this time of year. Anyone who has given their life to Jesus felt the newness and freshness of their life just like Spring. If you have never given your life to Jesus you are missing the greatest thing there is. What it means, is you want Jesus to guide you THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.   

John 3:16, For God so loved the world He gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but has everlasting life. THANK YOU LORD!    

We were fortunate to experience this with the people in Colombia. New believers accepted Jesus as Savior, the discouraged were encouraged, the emotionally distressed were changed, and Physical needs were met with many healings. The Holy Spirit moved tremendously, and both new and veteran believers were changed for life.  What an awesome time.    

I was blessed to have a special friend with me, Dr Bert Ayers. He came with me for 7 years, also. Bert and his family were missionaries in Albania when we were there in the 90’s.  We have great memories together.    

It has been seven years since we last ministered in Colombia. I was unable to go because of my 4-bypass heart surgery, but, God had the final word. The pace is so fast in Colombia that you “hit the road running at 90MPH” with no let up until we were heading back to America. We had no regrets, at all and hope to go back.    

Dr Bert led the praise and worship at each service and I preached multiple times on most days and both of us were involved in the altar service. We had 32 services in 17 days, what a mission trip. God is good and we are thankful  He could use us for His glory. Not only were the services packed,  but they were also broadcast via the internet, Live Stream, and Live TV throughout the countries of Colombia, Ecuador, and     Brazil. Also, time-delayed video TV throughout Peru, Panama, El Salvador, Paraguay, and Venezuela. In addition, we were able to help fund homeless housing shelters in Cali and Bogota, a home for unwed mothers in Bogota and Medellin, missionary student scholarships in Medellin and  Manizales, funds to help missionary outreach efforts in Cali and funds for two orphanages in Cali.    

Thank you all for your support so we are able to help when doors are open to us. Thanks for your prayers. They were needed and we could definitely feel the strength daily. Thank you Dr Bert Ayers for accompanying me to Colombia and being a friend.  

In Christ,  Dr Ron Charles 


The new Carpentry School at Big Heart Orphanage in Mexico is progressing, it was started 4 years ago. First Covid stopped construction, and then someone ran into the building, Brad had a fire in his barn that destroyed everything, and that was his 

workshop and many memories. Then Brad’s sickness started and he was going to many different doctors not finding the answer. Brad was not allowed to fly because of the pressure in his head. We know this is all from the enemy to stop the vision of this carpentry school. Now, all the floors and footings are pored, the walls and roof are up, and the doors are being installed in May. The school is 80% finished. The first classes are tentative for Fall 2024 – Winter 2025.  Praise the Lord! This school will train high school students in all areas of carpentry and will allow the students to graduate from school with a certificate in carpentry, that they can use to secure a job. This will go far in encouraging students to seek lawful jobs and stay out of trouble. Because of Brad’s medical condition, the doctors would not allow him to fly anywhere for the last 3 years. January 2024 was the first flight Brad took, to Dallas,  Texas for the Cubit board meeting. Brad did well on the flight, so he was able to fly to Mexico in March, and able to work on the school and some on the 3 orphanages at Big Heart. Brad counts it an honor to work at Big Heart Orphanage, with the Carters!  

Thank you all for your prayers for Brad as well as the carpentry school. Many of you have given to the carpentry school, and Brad wants to thank you all for helping him. If the Lord is leading you to help Brad buy tools for the student and finish the inside of the school, it would be a great blessing. Each student will have their own workbench and tools. On our website Brad has a video talking about the school, if you would like to hear Brad’s heart and the need for this school just click on it.  www.cubitfoundation.org 

God bless you,     

Brad Charles: Cubit’s President 

Dr Ron Charles: CEO 


We are so grateful for all the churches we have had the opportunity to attend in many states over the years. What a blessing to be with each church. All the wonderful people we have met and the friendships we have made.  We honor the pastors and pastor’s wives for all they do. They are hard workers with a heart for their people. We appreciate each one for allowing us to come to their church and share our vision. If you haven’t had us for a while just give us a call or text and we will tell you our schedule. Thank you, pastors and pastor wives.  You are all an inspiration to us! 

God Bless you,     

Dr. Ron & Paula 


We are excited about getting back to Egypt in June. Paula was in the hospital in Jan. in Texas, so I had to postpone my trip earlier. But she is doing very well now. No oxygen is needed!

We will be able to see the new church in Cairo, and how they are doing, can’t wait to see the progress of the church. We will be at the “Widows Farm” for a few days with my grandsons. They will be working there, but we will let them have some fun too, showing them the sites of Cairo. Their eyes will be open to the need there is in Egypt, and what Cubit is able to do. Every high schooler should go on a mission trip, they will return so grateful for what God has given them in America. I can’t wait to show them Egypt and I know they will fall in love with the people like we do. (both of our grandsons have traveled overseas with their parents.) 

Love, Dr Ron 

Proverbs 22:6, Train up a child in the way they should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. 


It is always such a joy when people write us little letters: Some ask for prayer, some give us praise reports; some are hurting from various problems in their lives. We want you to know we pray for you every day. Thank you for your donations to help the ministry. We wish we could meet you all, but we feel like family anyway. 

God is not finished with us yet! We won’t stop working for the Lord until He calls us home! Thank you, for your prayers and gifts. You have made it possible for us to continue our mission efforts.    

God bless you, Dr. Ron and Paula  



6th  * Cullman, Alabama

14th * London, Egypt & Greece, taking our grandsons Cidney & Cyrus,   they will be helping at the widow’s farm and delivering bags of Hope


14th *Harbor Christian, Lebanon, OH    

21st *Live Ready Church, Swanton, OH  

24th *Wed & Sunday PM Open     


21st * Germany, Speaking, Dr. Ron Charles, Dr. Raymond Hardy, Rev. Ron Teal & Woody Robinson. Then to Egypt for a Church  Planting Seminar.     


2nd * Return home from Egypt 21st * Churches in TX        


15th *  Return to GA  

Any Pastor that would like to have Dr. Ron Speak while he is in Texas, Please Let Us Know.

Please remember these persecuted Christians, tattooed with a cross in many countries around the world. Please keep praying 5 min. a day for them. (Muslim by birth Christian by choice)

No one is talking about the Christians in Egypt, Gaza & Israel. Their persecution by Hamas is just as severe as that of the Jews and the Palestinians.     

Please Pray.

Without your love and support Cubit could not do what we do. We appreciate you! Remember when you send us, you are right there with us! And we pray for you!!! 

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