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In June, 2024, our grandsons Cidney and Cyrus will be going to Egypt with Ron to help at the God’s Widows’ Farm. 


Greetings Family and Friends of Cubit.

It is with great concern that I report to you the conflict that is currently raging between Israel and  Hamas in the Middle East; actions that could easily escalate to include the entire Middle East, including Egypt.   

Since it was time for us to fund our widow’s ministry in Egypt, our son, Ron Jr, and I traveled to Egypt in November, feeling that in addition to funding our widows, we would also aid in the refugee efforts. But things did not turn out the way we anticipated. 

After first taking care of our widows, we would travel to the Gaza/Israel/Egypt border to provide aid to the refugees fleeing across the border, in particular the Raffa border crossing, the only crossing exiting Gaza to Egypt. The refugees fleeing Israel into Egypt have an abundance of help and aid from Christian, Jewish, and humanitarian organizations. So, these refugees’ needs were well covered. But the Gaza refugees had no one helping them. Nevertheless, we were unable to do what we sought to do because, on the day that we arrived, Egypt closed the Raffa crossing, fearing Hamas terrorists had infiltrated the refugees, refusing to let anyone in. Finally, a compromise was reached after three days. An Egyptian military airport near the Gaza border would be used as an aid collection site, where aid supplies would be brought. The Egyptian military would then deliver the supplies to Red Cross/Red Crescent distribution centers that would be set up just inside the Gaza border. So, although we were not allowed to travel to Gaza with aid, we were able to purchase supplies to be delivered specifically to the widows and abandoned children refugees in Gaza and Israel.  Mohammed Rozza, our friend, and his two sons heard the borders were closing, so they started delivering four truckloads of vegetables and water to the military distribution center before we arrived. Thank you, Mohammed, Mostafa, and Teta.  

Although the Hamas terrorists are to blame for this conflict, and Israel has the right to defend its people and its borders, multiplied thousands of innocents in Israel and Gaza have become victims. The war is against Hamas, not the Palestinian people. And we are there to give aid to all the victims,    whether Israeli, Palestinian, or Christian. I pray this war is over soon and the need for aid to refugees will diminish. Yet, in the very midst of conflict, we have the assurance that God is watching and that His grace continues to provide peace and security. The widows and the Christian believers know without a doubt that they can be confident and assured in the fact that they rest in the palm of God’s mighty hand, and He guarantees their welfare, knowing that He will not leave them or forsake them. Our widows first experienced His peace some eight years ago, when the ruling government of Egypt was overthrown by the Muslim Brotherhood and Isis terrorists. For the next three years, conflict victimized hundreds of innocents. Our widows were terrified not knowing what lay ahead for them. We continually encouraged them, telling them that God was watching out for them. Throughout this ordeal not a single widow was killed, injured, or robbed. So now, with the fear spreading to Egypt, our widows are standing strong with no doubt that God is protecting them.  AMEN!   



As we made our way out of the ever-expanding city of Cairo, the noise, crowds, cars, and buildings were soon replaced with sand . . . sand as far as you can see, and the occasional tree. We passed through the village where Mary and Joseph were said to have fled during the time of King Herod and continued out into the Egyptian countryside. 

I must be honest, as I had not yet visited God’s Widows Farm, I wondered how this successful farm I have been hearing so much about could be out here – in the middle of the desert. Then, turning onto an unmarked dirt road, the farm soon came into view. What a sight! On ten acres in the middle of the desert, God has provided an ideal place to grow a remarkable amount of food. Mohammed, Mustafa, and Teta, along with Hassim and other local volunteers have learned to work this land in such a way as to provide food for more than 1500 widows and their families. 

God’s Widows Farm is not merely a place to grow a few vegetables. This is a full, self-sufficient food production facility, producing not only the traditional grapes and mangoes of the area but so much more. A variety of vegetables are grown throughout the rows, with eggplants, squash, peppers, garlic, onions, cabbages, broccoli, and tomatoes in different stages of growth or recently harvested. Along with the grapes and mangoes, papaya, guava, orange, and lemon trees are in various stages of maturity. Corn and wheat are grown, processed, and ground on-site to make flour for bread or feed for the five or so cows and a herd of about 20 sheep that are currently being raised on the farm. 

Even alfalfa is grown on-site to provide fresh feed for the animals. Nothing is wasted and everything has a purpose. In addition to all this wonderful food, the farm also grows and produces its own seed for the next plantings and its own compost to nourish the soil without using any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. 

After my visit to the farm, I was invited to take part in harvesting and butchering one of the cows. While I have raised lambs and participated in harvesting them at my small family homestead, a cow is a whole different story. Mohammed picked me up that morning and took me to his family house in the Giza neighborhood of Cairo. Once there, everyone in the family participated in harvesting and butchering this gift from God. 

All three of Mohammed’s adult children, all their children, his wife, cousins, nieces, and nephews were all there to be part of this event. It was truly an amazing experience. Everyone had a job, from the oldest to the youngest in the group. We had over 200 pounds of fresh, farm-raised beef when we finished. That evening, the meat was distributed to 150 widows’ families. 

God’s Widows Farm is truly a miracle! It is a diverse food oasis that not only provides for almost 2000 families but also cares for the earth that God has given us, making it a better place while giving back to God for all He provides. Each season, the farm is thriving, adding rows of crops, more animals, more vegetables, and fruits, and feeding more people while God continues to make it grow. 

Please continue to pray for Brad Charles. He is still unable to fly do to some medical issues. The school in Mexico is still progressing. Thank you for all your help. 







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Please remember these persecuted Christians, tattooed with a cross in many countries around the world. Please keep praying 5 min. a day for them. (Muslim by birth Christian by choice)

No one is talking about the Christians in Egypt, Gaza & Israel. Their persecution by Hamas is just as severe as that of the Jews and the Palestinians.     

Please Pray.

Without your love and support Cubit could not do what we do. We appreciate you! Remember when you send us, you are right there with us! And we pray for you!!! 

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