There has had good progress with the school in Mexico. In Brad’s absence Micha Carter and Big Heart have been doing the building. Brad has been there a couple times working on the orphanage. Brad and Ron are driving down to deliver a truck in October. This truck will be a big asset to the school, also for Brad when he is there. We are very thankful for everyone that gave gifts for the school and for the purchase of the truck. We are still a little short on the finish of the building if anyone would like to donate toward the school it would be much appreciated. The tools and equipment have been much higher than anticipated with building materials almost doubling this year. Please continue to pray for Brad, Ed Tanner, and Big Heart Orphanage school as they complete this new opportunity for the boys and girls in Mexico. This school will keep many kids off the streets and away from drugs and crime, to learn a trade to change their lives for a lifetime. CHANGE A STUDENT’S LIFE, IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SUPPORT ONE OF THE STUDENTS FOR A YEAR. The cost for the tools they need will be $250. (please identify your gift is for a student).