Hello Cubit Friends, 

Sorry we didn’t get back to you any sooner. We had a wonderful time in Egypt in June. Thanks to all that went with us and everyone that helped with our projects. (Kevin & Valerie Deutsch, Brant & Kristy Fricker, Tausha Prince, and Woody Robinson). THANK YOU ALL THAT HELPED US WITH EACH GIFT GIVEN. You are all amazing and you were in our hearts and we felt you right by our sides helping us!

Many of us became sick at least one day, but some continued when we arrived home. Tausha lives in Washington state and had a long trip home. But thank the Lord she improved shortly. Paula ended up in ER 3 times and was admitted to the hospital for 5 days. Her problem was a parasite that attacked her joints, making her unable to walk or get up and down alone. It has been a long recovery, but she is on the mend. Thank the Lord! We appreciate all the prayers, cards and flowers sent. They made her day! 

Dr RON’s Egypt Report for June 2021 

I first want to thank all of you for your prayers regarding our trip to Egypt in June of this year. The day after we arrived, we were invited by the Egyptian President to participate in The Middle East Peace Initiative with representation from the Egyptian Security Council, the Egyptian Peace Council, Kuwait Peace Committee, Sudan’s peace representatives, and the Peace Council of Israel. We were pleased that although the Initiative did not adopt our proposal in full, it did adopt some of the more critical points that we presented to the Initiative. 

Our next meeting was with the new members of Parliament that we had never met. These members were very interested in knowing more about God’s Widows’ Farm and the secret to its huge production record. I told them the secret is that the farm is God’s farm organized and operated to help widows. And that Cubit makes no money from the farm. It is strictly for widow’s support. 

Our next meeting was with the Patriarch and High Officers of the Coptic Church and the Chief Superintendent of the Presbyterian Church of Egypt (the largest non-Coptic religious organization). After an all-day meeting they approved articles of cooperation that we introduced that they would work together and in cooperation not against each other, which has been policy ever since the Arab Spring Revolution. 

Our final meeting was with the Ministry of the Interior and The Ministry of State. We came away from that meeting with their guarantee that starting immediately The Cubit Foundation can function totally independent of government supervision or government oversight. In addition, they acknowledged that God’s Widows’ Farm is also independent and is not subject to government tax, supervision or oversight.

So, overall, I feel this trip in June was by far the most influential and the most successful we have taken to Egypt in the past 30 years. Thank all of you for your support and your prayers. We know for sure God insured its success.

In Christ, Dr RON CHARLES 

GOD’S WIDOW’S FARM (Is truly in God’s Hands) 

Much progress has been done on the widow’s farm since June. 

Materials were purchased for the little house repairs and remolding; all tools were purchased and construction started and it is almost complete. The farm is producing more than it ever has and is the talk of the town. It has even come to the attention of President Sisi. It is an all-organic farm, and the produce is large and wonderful tasting. People stand in line at the market to buy it. After feeding our widows they take produce to the market and proceeds go back to the widow’s needs. We also have livestock, chicken, geese, sheep, goats, cows. They raise them, and butcher them for the widows. Before the farm the widows did not receive meat very often. A big thanks goes out to Mohammed, Mostafa, and Teta Rozza for working so hard on the farm and staying away from their family. Please keep them in your prayers. 

Ron will be returning to Egypt in November to fund the widow’s and purchase the Christmas blankets, shoes and clothes for the Children. Ron was invited to travel to Egypt to film a documentary about The Cubit Foundation. This is a real honor for The Cubit Foundation. It will be televised, and we will be able to use it at churches and on our web site. Please keep him in your prayers.