Dear friends of Cubit, 

We want to start this letter by Praising the Lord for all He has done for us and The Cubit Foundation. Even during the pandemic, we have kept our widows and orphans fed monthly and much more.  What a blessing. 

In 2019 a tractor was purchased for “The Widows Farm”; in 2021 a truck was purchased for the farm. We reported this in the Spring newsletter also about Ron going in February with Ron Teal, and Brian Wills. God is good! 

Since that trip in February, we have busied ourselves in making plans for a multifaceted approach to what we feel is God’s will for what is next: 

1) Teach the children

2) Remodel the farm worker’s house

3) Harvest the produce 

4) Meetings with governmental officials 

5) We have also been invited by the religious leaders to discuss religious freedom in Egypt. What a miracle to even say this about Egypt. Thank you, Lord! 

1) Shortly after my return from our trip in February, God spoke to Paula’s heart and gave her a commission to teach English to the children of our associates in Egypt, as well as, the younger children of the widows whom we support. She could see the children speaking English, which in turn would lead to opportunities to tell the families about Christ. So, three other ladies, Tausha Prince, Valerie Deutsch, and Kristy Fricker will be the first to take this big leap. Please keep them in prayer.

2) God’s Widow’s Farm has become a local phenomenon in that it is producing many times more than any of the surrounding farms, because the farm is dedicated to God and the crops are 100 percent for the benefit of our widows. Once the widows receive all the produce they can use, the remainder is sold at market and the money is used to buy anything that is needed for the widows (blankets, medical supplies, doctors, dentist, medicine, clothes, children’s school supplies, bottled water, cooking utensils, bus and/or taxi passes, and so on). Because of the success of the farm, more and more time is needed for our workers to spend at the farm. The small building located on the farm is adequate to provide shelter for a few hours, but it is not adequate to provide shelter or living space for the increased amount of time the workers need with the increased hours of labor. So, we have five guys going with us on this trip who will be remodeling and improving the farmhouse: Kevin Deutsch, Rev. Ron Teal, and Brant Fricker (these three guys are CUBIT Foundation Board Members), along with Rev. Woody Robinson, Mastafa Rozza, and Tita Rozza. I will be joining them whenever I can. 

3) Not only will these guys be building, but they also will be taking a few hours out of their work time to harvest some of the crops that will be ready. At that time beans, leeks, onions, squash, and garlic will be ready to harvest.  

4 & 5) I have several meetings scheduled with the office of the presidency, government ministry heads, parliamentarians, and religious leaders. We are expecting great things happening in Egypt.  

Keep us in your prayers, and may God be glorified. We thank each one of you that have helped us monthly and with special projects over the years. You are the reason we can go forward in Egypt. You are with us in Spirit every time we travel. God bless You! Thanks to all the friends going with us to help grow the Kingdom!

God Bless you, Dr. Ron Charles