Mostafa Rozza is Mohammed’s son. They have helped us for over 20 years. This is the Widow’s farm that Mostafa runs for The Cubit Foundation. It is thriving and the widows are getting fresh vegetables weekly. He is also raising sheep, chickens & goats. If there are left overs, they are sold and profits are given back to the widows. God is reaching the Muslim world through your help!

Great news, we raised enough money for a tractor for the farm. Praise the Lord! We are now starting a fund for a used truck so Mostafa does not have to rent one to get the produce back to the widows. This farm is 2 hours away from Cairo. If anyone would like to help with the truck it would be such a blessing. Thank you for being there for us and loving the Egyptians as much as we do. God bless you all!