Regents School is the education arm of The Big Heart Orphanage in Reynosa, Mexico. Not only is this the school for the orphanage but the school is also opened to the community. The school recently invited Brad to organize some elective classes to teach the students practical skills. So, Brad and Micah Carter decided to turn a storage lot on the Big Heart orphanage property that was not being used into a carpentry school. Well, if you know Brad, he gets things done quickly. He thought he was starting the renovation right away. But, there was a little delay. A car ran into the building wall, they now have to start over. 

The classrooms will be finished in August instead of June. The first two elective courses where approved are Basic Carpentry, taught by Brad and Welding/Fabrication taught by Ed Tanner. They are also considering English and Gardening/Farming. These will be free classes for the students that will teach them skills and at the same time they will learn about Jesus. They will have classroom practical training and they will finish by making pieces of furniture and fabrications. Upon completion they will receive a certificate which they can use to get a job. The classes are scheduled to begin the summer of this year. There is a great excitement among the students because this trains them to make a living and help their families. THANK YOU BRAD & ED.

A recent video about the classes produced by Adam and Brandon Wattenbarger will be used to raise money, for tools, materials and safety equipment. The video will be up on The Cubit’s website and possibly making copies to show in your churches, schools and businesses. It is being edited as we speak and hopeful available in a few weeks. THANK YOU ADAM AND BRANDON!